The official site is at; this site is a demonstration “mock-up”.

Demonstration website, created by

Comments  to Jerry Schmohl, About This Mock-Up Website:  (modified 2/12/2017)

  • This site is a “mock-up” website created by Jim Ingram for Jerry Schmohl.
  • COST:  This page is hosted FREE on courtesy of Automattic (spelled with 2 “t”s), the company that operates both and
  • Domain Name: If this site were to be used, the domain name ‘’ could be either ‘forwarded’ or ‘mapped’ to this website.
    • Forwarding costs nothing extra.
    • For “mapping” the domain, Automattic charges I think $13/year.
  • The official site is at , and also accessible by .)
    • I.e the Club owns two domain names, that go to the same website (the 1st is “mapped”, the second is forwarded).
  • An older 2014 site is at
    • NOTE: This site seems to have been recently disabled.
  • This”mock-up” website is built on the “basic no-frills” free using the “2011” theme.
    • Note many links on the individual pages link back to the site — as I just did a “quick and dirty” cut and paste from the real site.
  • The official site is (I believe) self-hosted and built using and a custom theme.
  • This “umbrella site” at is supported by about 9 other sites — which are detailed on the “List of GTCOA Websites” page.


Welcome to Gravely Tractor Club of America. The purpose of the Club is to facilitate the exchange of information about the history of the Gravely® company, tractor serial numbers, production changes, restoration information and details, parts and literature sources, and attachments.

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