Membership is on a calendar year basis. Dues for 2015 are $30 for United States residents, $30 for all others. For this membership fee you will receive the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter issues of The Gravely® Gazette. If you join later in the year you will receive all back issues for the year. All Gravely® enthusiasts are welcome to join; ownership of a Gravely® tractor is not required.

How To Join

 There are two ways that you can become a member.

If you want to sign up online right now, click HERE

 The other way is as follows:

 Fill out the application member form and mail it and a check for $30 for USA members, $30 in US funds for all non USA memberships to:

Gravely Tractor Club of America

PO Box 194

Avondale, PA 19311

Click to Download Form (PDF)


Member Privileges

As a member, you get the Club’s quarterly magazine, The Gravely® Gazette, which is published in March, June, September  and December. The Gazette attempts to provide information about Gravely® tractors that its readers may find useful and instructive. It contains articles of general interest, technical help, photos, classified ads (free to Club members), listings of tractor events, and letters to the editor.

The magazine provides solutions to technical and mechanical problems, repairs, and restoration issues related to Gravely® tractors and attachments submitted by our readers. The collective knowledge of the Gravely® Tractor Club of America will be brought to bear in answering your questions. Please submit technical questions to the editor.

All technical information published in the Gazette is presented as untried and untested, and it is the responsibility of the user to verify its accuracy and suitability. The Gravely® Tractor Club of America assumes no risk or liability for any use or interpretation of such information.



Already a member?  Be sure to include your membership number in the space provided on the memo side of the check or CLICK HERE